Experience Change

Dear Future Client, your well-being is in good hands!

Why Ancora? Ancora is the Latin word for anchor, which is an instrument used to plant itself into the earth representing hope and groundedness.

There comes a time when help is needed from a certified professional to cope with many of life’s challenges.


“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud


Why Counseling or Psychotherapy?

According to the American Psychiatric  Association, "Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so a person can function better and can increase well-being and healing.”

Through the use of various psychotherapy methods and collaborative treatment measures, my clients develop life-changing habits to help them cope with any of life’s various obstacles. My therapy sessions are designed to dissect personal issues and provide clients with effective tools to help them see the glass half full instead of half empty.